French Riviera - Part 13

After lookin' at Cogolin, we drove towards St. Tropez, which is said to be one of the best parts of French Riviera. Saint Tropez is a medieval (the present version is a bit modern), seaside resort town famous for its history, weather, connection with hollywood and other celebrities, private estates along the coast (owned by celebrities/rich people like the guys from L'oreal, Opel, Harrods - Dodi Al Fayed, et al). Also, its famous for the expensive yachts that are lined up along its coast. In the present day, St. Tropez is indeed more famous for its cafes, restaurants, weather and other things, rather than for its history. Also,many people go there just because they are curious to see why so many celebrities and other tourists flock around this place. But hey, it's indeed worth it, to look around that place. Also, because there are so many good places in and around the 'French Riviera', like Nice, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Antibes, Menton, Grasse, verdon Du Gorges (European Grand Canyon) and many cute/interesting/weird villages. :-)

After we reached St. Tropez, we parked our car and spent a while walking around almost all the main parts of that medieval town. Here are some pics:

After walking in the inner part of the town, we headed towards the beachfront, where we saw many yachts (owned by rich people from different parts of the world) lined up, along its coastal line. Facing these yachts (or its port) are many cafes and restaurants, where you can hang around for a while and relax, looking at the things happening in front of you. Here are some pics:

St. Maxime (also a famous place/port like St. Tropez), which is a few kilometres away from St. Tropez, can also be seen from St. Tropez's port. Here are some pics:

After hangin' around the beachfront for a while, we had a ride on the boat, with a guided tour of St. Tropez and its history. It was so windy that day, that we felt like we had a ride in one of those things at an amusement park. It was indeed a fun ride on the boat. Here are some videos that I shot:

Also, because of this ride on the boat, it was possible for me to shoot some typical pics of St. Tropez. Here I go:

If you look at some pics, as posted above, you could probably think that I shot those pics floating on the water or something like that. That was because it was very windy and there were heavy, high and low tides all the time and this made the boat ride look like a ride in an amusement park. Also, I shot some pics of private estates that are built along the beach and owned by many rich folks like the guys from L'oreal, Opel, et al. One more thing is that princess 'Diana' of UK, spent her last days at one of the estates owned by Dodi-Al-Fayed (Harrods). Here are some pics of those expensive estates with private beaches:

After the boat ride, we walked back to the car and drove to Pampelonne beach, which is a sand beach and has a couple of shacks/huts with restaurants and other things to do. Also, there are places where you can rent scuba diving gear or for any other water sports like a power boat, et al. We thought of swimmin' of gettin' a dip in the water, but it was very windy with high tides. Also, it was a bit risky and cold. So, instead of gettin' a dip in the water, we sat in a restaurant. Here are some pics from Pampelonne beach:

Later, we headed back to our hotel room using a different route to Cogolin from St. Tropez. It was all hilly terrain all along the drive, offering us great view of the mediterranean coastline. Then we had a bried stop at 'Cavalaire Sur Mer', which is another pretty town and had our dinner there. Here are some pics from 'Cavalaire Sur Mer':

Later we drove back to Cogolin by a not-much-used narrow road on a hilly terrain. We indeed thought of driving back to St. Tropez and use the same road that we used before, just because the road was so narrow and with no visibilty, apart from what we could see from the dipped head-lights of our car. It was like a single narrow road with a steep valley on both sides of it. But anyways, we made it and had an exciting trip and day. :-)

For more pics of this trip, check the slide-show below:


French Riviera - Part 12

After looking at the 'European Grand Canyon' (Verdon Du Gorges), we headed towards St. Tropez. After driving for more than hour, we reached this place called 'Chateau- Double', which was on the way to St. Tropez. It's also one of the typical, nice villages in Provence, France. Here are some pics from Chateau-Double:

Later, we set off to St. Tropez, since our next and final destination for the 'French Riviera' trip, was this place. We actually booked accomodation in a town/village called 'Cogolin', which is around 10 kms from St. Tropez. Almost all the hotels around St. Tropez are expensive, as it is said to be the best (or one of the best) place in 'French Riviera'. After leavin' Chateau-double, it took us more than an hour to reach 'Cogolin'. After reachin', we checked-in and slumbered the night away.

The next day, we spent some time looking around Cogolin (before going to St. Tropez). Its a pretty nice town/village, along the mediterranean coast (a bit interior) and a popular tourist destination, just because there are so many other places to see all along the 'French Riviera' coastline. Here are some pics from Cogolin:

Later, I went to 'LIDL' supermarket, to buy something to eat/drink. By the way, French folks eat 'Snails'. Here's a pic that I shot in the store:

Thats it for this part. Au Revoir! :-)

Fore more pics of Cogolin, check the slide-show below:

Fore more pics of Chateau-double, check the slide-show below: