Trip To Innsbruck - Part 3

After looking around 'Wachlensee' (Germany), we headed towards Innsbruck (Austria), which was around 30 kms from that place. It was a pleasure to drive through the Alps, across the German-Austriaan border, as the weather was great and the whole trip offered great scenery in that mountainous landscape. Here's a video that I shot:

And here are some pics:

And here's the first glimpse of 'Innsbruck':

Innsbruck is named so, because it lies on the banks of the river 'Inn'. Literally speakin', 'Innsbruck' means 'Bridge On River Inn' (based on the logic that 'bruck' means bridge and Inn is the name of the river). It is the capital of 'Tirol' region of Austria and is one of the most touristic parts in Austria, apart from Vienna and Salzburg. Also, many Bollywood and a couple of Hollywood movies were shot here. Here are some pics from Innsbruck:

Innsbruck is indeed a pretty nice university city/town and is one of the major skiing points in Austria. As with many other European cities, the old part of Innsbruck is the best part and is typical with many old buildings, cafes, restaurants, et al. Here are some pics from the old part of Innsbruck and the central park (close to the old part):

Since the Euro 2008 soccer championship was happening at that moment (hosted by Austria and Switzerland), there were a couple of 'public viewing' spots in public places. As part of this tournament, Innsbruck also hosted 2 Euro 2008 matches - Spain Vs Russia, and Spain Vs Sweden. Here's a pic:

That was it, for that day. Later, we checked into the hotel and dropped off.

For the first part of the next day, we got the work done and later, planned on going to the 'Ambras' castle, which is located at one end of Innsbruck, on the hilly part of the Alps. Here are some pics from 'Ambras castle':

After looking at 'Ambras castle, we headed to the 'Swarovski Crystal World', which is one of the touristic parts of Innsbruck. Its indeed located out of Innsbruc (a couple of kms away), at a place called 'Wattens'. Its not one of the things that local people are interested in, but it's one of the touristic parts of Innsbruck (specially for visitors from far off countries). Here are some videos that I shot, on the way to 'Swarovski':

And here are some pics that I shot when we drove towards 'Swarovski Crystal World' from 'Ambras castle':

After we reached 'Swarovski Crystal World', we bought entry tickets and looked at the 'crystal world/exhibition' for some time. In the beginning, we thought of it as a boring one, but gradually we liked some things around thatplace. Here are some pics from 'Swarovski Crystal World':

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  1. photos are amazing! Esp the swarovski garden....


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