Trip To Innsbruck - Part 2

The next day (after overnight stay at 'Kochel'), we drove to the lake around that place called 'Kochelsee'. There are indeed 2 lakes around this place (Kochel) - 'Walchensee' and 'Kochelsee', of which 'Wachlensee' is much bigger than 'Kochelsee'. Walchensee is located a bit higher in the Alps and 'Kochelsee', at the tip of the Alps. Because of the altitude difference, Germans/Bavarians built a power plant, using the water that flows from 'Wachlensee' to 'Kochelsee'. Its called 'Wachlensee Kraftwerk' and is one of the oldest power plants in Germany, being built around the 1920's.

Around these two lakes, a lot of people camp around and do activities like hiking, trekking, surfing on the lake or just relax. This applies specially in the summer, as the climatic conditions are good to do outdoor activities. In winter, both the lakes are probably frozen and so, the only thing that you can do is to ice-skate on the lake. But be it winter or summer, its beautiful and offers great scenery.

Here are some pics of our hotel surroundings at Kochel:

And here are some pics from 'Kochelsee':

We didnt plan on swimming in the lake, as the water was still cold (although it was pretty hot outside). So, after looking around a bit, we drove to that power plant (Wachlensee Kraftwerk) and had a brief look at things there. Here are some pics:

Later, we headed to 'Wachlensee', which is just a couple of kms from that place. Here are some more pics that I shot, when we stopped by, at some view point:

In a couple of minutes, we reached 'Wachlensee' and I was much impressed by the surroundings...much better than 'Kochelsee'. The surroundings were great, weather was great, water in the lake was clear and blue (which reminded me of French Riviera). There were good number of campers, surfers, people sun-bathing and other visitors around, as the weather was great and also because it was a weekend. Before takin' a dip in the lake, we spent some time sitting in a restaurant beside the lake and just enjoying the breeze. Later, we put on the swimming gear and took a dip in the lake, although it as a bit cold. Here are some pics from around the lake:

There was also a 'cable car' around this place, by which you can get to the peak of one of the Alps mountains. Here's a video that I shot from the cable car:

And here are some pics of 'Wachlensee' and its surroundings, that I shot when we took a ride on that cable car:

After reaching the peak, we hiked around that place for a while, got back to our car and headed to Innsbruck - Austria. Here are some more pics that I shot, when we hiked around the peak of that mountain:

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