Trip To Innsbruck, Austria - Part 1

Last week (on Monday), I had to go to Innsbruck (Austria) for some work and since it was around the weekend, I planned on spending some time around Innsbruck, by startin' off early, on the weekend (Saturday noon). As we had to pass by Munich, we also planned on lookin' around a couple of places/lakes and if possible, swim or get a dip in the lake. One of the best things about Munich is that, there are so many lakes (small to big) around it and so, people stayin' in Munich have many options to spend quality time on the weekend or any other time (specially in the summer) - apart from many other things, that Munich offers.

We set off from 'Nuremberg' on saturday noon, reached munich in around 2 hrs and then headed towards 'Bad Tolz'. In German, 'Bad' means 'Bath'. So, dont take the literal English meaning. Infact, if the name of the place starts with 'Bad', it means its a 'Spa Town/Village', which implies its kind of a 'Health Resort' or a place, where you can restore your health. It might not be applicable to all, but this kind of 'Spa Town/Village' concept exists everywhere.

On the way to 'Bad Tolz', we had a brief stop for a couple of hours, at a place called 'Reutberg', which has a well-known monastery/church and a lake called 'Kirchsee', around that place. Here are some pics, that I shot when we approached that place/monastery:

After that, we just parked our car and headed towards the lake, instead of looking at the monastery, as we thought of swimming or just havin' a dip in the water, depending on water temperature. We walked a couple of kms, to reach that lake, which is located between small hills. The lake wasn't that deep and water in the lake was very clear. So, we had a great time around that place. After that, we walked back to the monastery, had our lunch in the 'beer garden', looked at that small monastery/church and headed towards 'Bad Tolz'. Here are some pics from 'Reutberg' and 'Kirchsee':

Later, we drove to 'Bad Tolz', which wasn't that far from 'Reutberg' and looked around that place. Some of my friends were interested in that place, just because there is a German/Bavarian crimi-series called 'Der Bulle Von Bad Tolz', which is based at that place. Its indeed a nice hilly town/village on the banks of the river 'Isar', in south Bavaria, Germany. Here are some pics from that place:

Later, we drove towards 'Innsbruck' and planned on staying overnight, somewhere close to the 'German-Austrian' border. We decided on a place called 'Kochel', which is a German village, close to the 'Austrian' border and is at the tip of the 'Alps' mountains. We decided on this place, as we thought we could look around some of the well-known lakes around this place, called 'Kochelsee' and 'Wachlensee', the next day. Also, it was late enough when we reached that place. Here are some pics, as we approached 'Kochel':

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