French Riviera - Part 9

After the trip to Grasse (World's perfume capital), our next destination was 'Draguignan', which is further west of Grasse/Nice, France. It's the capital of Var department of Provence region in France. We planned of staying overnight at Draguignan, just to explore and have a feel of different parts of Provence/French Riviera. Also, because its close to the European Grand Canyon (Verdon Du Gorges). So, our route from Grasse to Draguignan was as below:

Grasse --> Cannes --> Le Muy --> Draguignan

There are a couple of routes to Draguignan, but we decided on this route as there's a motorway from Cannes to 'Le Muy' and so, we could reach faster to our next destination, before its too late (as everything closes by 9 PM at all those places in French Riviera). Also to look around some places on the way, like Mougins (Picasso's village) and Cannes (one of the famous cities in French Riviera and also well-known for the international film festival that is held every year).

After driving for a couple of minutes, we were at this village called 'Mougins', which is famous for being home to 'Picasso', for his last 15 years. We spent around 2 hours at that place, walking and looking around that village. There are a couple of shops, which were selling paintings and other souvenirs, which are probably expensive. So, we just window-shopped and ate some sandwich sitting in a open-air cafe/restaurant. Here are some pics from Mougins:

Later, we set off to Cannes. As Cannes is just a couple of kms from Mougins, we were there in short time. That day was the last day for the 'Cannes Film Festival' and so, I thought I would have a look at the place, where this festival is goin' on. Here are some pics that I shot as we drove through:

We drove through Cannes and went to the beachfront where this film festival was happening, but couldnt find parking anywhere. Everything was full. So, we drove away from that beachfront, went inside a bit, parked it somewhere and walked to that beachfront. All along this process, we saw a couple of celebrities gettin' off from their cars and going to the entrance of the building complex, where the festival was happening. I coudlnt identify all of 'em, but here are some pics:

After we walked for a couple of minutes, we reached the beachfront and headed towards the building complex, where that festival was happening. Here are some pics, as we walked along the beachfront:

There were good number of people around that building complex, where this film festival was happening. So, I just sneaked in and had a glimpse of whats happening there, just spent a few minutes around that place and sat around the beach for some time. Here are some pics:

And here's a video that I shot when we walked back to our car, to head to our next destination:

Thats it for this part. Au Revoir! :-)

For more pics of Cannes, check the slide-show below:

For more pics of Mougins, check the slide-show below:


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