French Riviera - Part 7

The next day morning (after staying overnight at Vence, France), we set off to the 'World Perfume Capital (Grasse, France)' sometime around 9 AM. It was a bit overcast and foggy that morning. So, we drove a bit slow at some points, as the roads were curvy, at an altitude and pretty narrow. After a couple of minutes, we reached a village called 'Gourdon' and stopped by, to look at that. This village is well-known as its setting is a bit typical (because it sits on a rocky cliff overlooking the mediterranean coastline) and also has a good restaurant called "Eagle's Nest", which sits on the edge of the hill/mountain. Here are some pic of the village, that I shot, as we approached the village (It was foggy that day. So, the pic aint that great):

After that, we parked our car and spent a while window-shopping and looking around that village. Here are some pics, from that village:

And here are the pics of that restaurant (Eagle's Nest):

And here's a video, which shows that we were on 'Cloud 9'(*grin*):

I'm gonna cover the next part of the trip (World Perfume Capital - Grasse, France) in a different blog post. If you miss that, you are gonna miss something special. ;-)

For more pics, check the slide-show below:


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