French Riviera - Part 6

After the 'Formula 1 Race' at Monte Carlo, I took the train back to Nice and got down at Cagnes Sur Mer, which is a suburb of Nice, France. I met my friends just outside the train station and we set off to our next destination, which was 'Vence'. As we drove by, we entered in a village called 'Haut De Cagnes'. We thought of looking around this village, as it looked nice, with serene surroundings. Most of the villages in Provence region of France are located on hilly interior part of the main land. So, you can expect almost all the roads, at an inclination. Also, they are pretty narrow. Here are some pics, from around that place:

After we spent some time, we set off to Vence. After a couple of minutes, we reached Vence, checked in the hotel and relaxed for good enough time. By the way, Vence is famous for being home to artists, sculptors and painters. Here are some pics of hotel surroundings :

After that, we walked almost all around Vence to have a feel of that place. Also, we ate at some good restaurant, which was located in the old part of Vence. It was cosy at dusk, with all the bright yellow lights and open air cafe's. Here's a video that I shot, at the old part of Vence:

And here are some pics:

Thats it, for this part of my trip. Dont forget to check the next part of my trip, cause it has something to do with 'World Perfume Capital'.

For more pics of Vence, check the slide-show below:

For more pics of 'Haut De Cagnes', check the slide-show below:


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