French Riviera - Part 5

Monte Carlo Formula 1 Race

This day of my trip was (almost) totally dedicated to the 'Formula 1 Race' at 'Monte Carlo'. I woke up at around 7 Am that day, took a fast shower and wore the Monte Carlo F1 T-shirt that I bought, when I was there, a couple of days back. This was also the last day of our stay at Nice, France. So, I got everything packed up and put my backpack and other luggage in the car. I'd to take the train that day as all the routes to Monte Carlo will be jammed up and also its hard to find parking space.My friends havent booked the ticket. So, they weren't coming along with me, for the race. I told them that I'll meet up later (after the race) in the eve, at some convenient location and go to our next destination (where we gonna stay for 1 day).

If you had read the first part of my trip, you would know how I happened to book the ticket for the race, at one of the coolest locations (or thats what people say - Indeed, I think its a bit hyped, but the entire French Riviera is really cool) in the world. Before booking the ticket, I did good enough research of the layout of the race track and booked my ticket at the A2 Grand-stand of the track (which offers a good view of the track and priced reasonably). Here's the layout of that track:

And here are some facts about the race at 'Monte Carlo, Monaco':

Track Opened: 1929
First Grand Prix : 21 May 1950
Circuit Length: 3.367 kms
Circuit Detials: Street Circuit (clockwise)
Address: Circuit De Monaco, 23 Boulevard Albert 1er, BP 364, 98000, Monaco

Ok..After putting my luggage, in the car, I walked down to the main train station at Nice, France and was shocked to see a very long queue, to go to Monte Carlo. This queue was just for getting into the train. There was a separate queue for buying train ticket, but fortunately that wasnt very long. Here's a pic of the train station, in which you can see that long queue:

I stood in 2 queue's (one for getting the train ticket and the other for getting into the train) spending approximately 2 hours around that place and got into the train (*sigh*). The train was travelling pretty slow (for some obvious reasons - maybe to control the influx of people from outside locations, traffic, et al things) and it took us around half-an-hour to reach Monte Carlo. It also rained a bit, when I was travelling in the train. Here's a pic that I shot from inside the train:

Once I got out of the train station, at Monte Carlo, I walked towards the A2 Grand-stand. I got to know that its lunch time and hence a break, for the race. So, I thought of walking around and see some places, which I havent seen before (on the first visit, a couple of days back). I walked into some shopping mall (which wasnt big, but was grand with a few god shops) and then towards the casino, again. Here's a video that I shot (in which you can also hear the sound made by the race cars):

And here are some pics that I shot:

After that, I walked back to the stand and found my place to sit. All that sounds made by the race cars was a bit exciting and was waiting with bated breath, to have a first look of the F1 race. Below are some details:

Number Of Laps: 78
Curcuit Length: 3.340 kms
Race Distance:260.520 kms
Lap Record: 1:14.439 - M. Schumacher (2004)

And here are some pics that I shot:

And here are some videos:

People could also watch this race, sitting in a yacht (wining and dining included). This is probably expensive and I guess, you shoud shell out a small fortune (a couple of thousands of Euros) to get a ticket in the yacht. Here's a pic:

One of the pit-stops was also close to our stand and so, we could have a good view of whats happening there. Also, the track was curvy and short near to our stand. So, the race cars weren't at full throttle, at our point. There was also a crash somewhere near to our stand. Here are some pics:

Later, I took a shot break and walked into some shopping streets, got something to eat and then back to the stand, again. Here are some more videos that I shot:

That was it, for the F1 race at Monte Carlo. British driver 'Lewis Hamilton' (driving for McLaren) won the race. Bad luck for Force India, as Kimi Raikkonen's car crashed into Adrian Sutil's car (a German, representing Force India).

Goodbye Monte Carlo, C ya later (if possible)..Au Revoir!!! :-)

For more pics, check the slide-show below:


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