French Riviera - Part 4

This part/day of the trip, we spent the whole time in Nice, France. Nice is the fifth biggest city in France (4 other being Paris, Marseiile, Lyon and Toulouse) and is called as 'Nissa/Nizza/Ni├ža' in Italian, German, French and many other European languages. It is located on the souther edge of France (on the mediterranean coast) somewhere between Marseille and the Italian border. It is also the capital of 'Alpes-Maritimes' department, in the region of Provence, in France.

As we stayed near to the centre (near to the main train station and the beach), we were close to many of the attractions or famous landmarks in Nice. We didnt take the car, as its hard to find parking wherever we want. So, we just walked in the direction of old town, window-shopping and looking at many different streets of Nice.
Here's a pic of the street, in front of our hotel:

And here are some pics that I shot when we walked towards the old part of the city:

We then reached old town in a couple of minutes, had our breakfast in one of those restaurants, for which they had the seating, on the street (where no 4 wheelers drive by). This is how it is, in many of the European cities (in summer time) and its indeed pleasant to hang around those kind of places. Later, we looked at many souvenir shops and other typical things around there. Here are some pics from the old part of the city:

After the old town, we headed towards a fortress, which is built on a hilly part, just beside the beach. This fortress along with the harbour (which is right beside the hill) were built in the same periond to fortify the city. We climbed up the hill (with the steps available) and used the round path, around the fortress, to have a good view of Nice, from different angles. The view of the city (on the beach side) was particularly great, from the top of this hill. Here's a video that I shot:

And here are some pics:

There was also this waterfall around this place, which is talked about. Here are some pics:

After that, we looked at some 'Cemetery' around that place, which has the graves of many famous (or well known) people. This place had some well sculpted statues on the graves. Here are some pics:

After we stayed around that place for a while, we climbed down the hill and headed towards the beach, as we thought of walking on the beach and finally, relax at some cosy restaurant, when the sun sets. Here are some pics from around the beachfront:

After that, we found some cosy restaurant and spent a couple of hours, just hanging around that place, having our dinner and drinks. Later, we walked back to the hotel room and called it a day! :-) Here are some more pics:

That was it, for this part of the trip. Nice was indeed a nice city!! ;-)

For more pics, check the slide-show below:


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