French Riviera - Part 14

'Saint Tropez' was the last part of my 'French Riviera' trip. The next day, we set off, back to 'Nice' airport (where we landed) early enough, so that we can have a brief stopover at 'Antibes', which is said to be one of the nice and touristic places in 'French Riviera'. We drove for approximately an hour or more, passed by 'Cannes' and reached 'Antibes'. We then parked our car in front of the beachfront and spent some walking around and later, sat in a cafe for some time. I couldn't capture much of 'Antibes', as we didnt stay around that place for a long time, but anyways, here are some pics:

After that, we reached 'Nice' airport, gave back the rental car and flew back home. Here's a pic of an interesting sign at the 'Nice' airport: :-)

That was it, for the 'French Riviera' trip. It was one of my long and best trips, so far. I've seen much, done many things and thouroughly enjoyed the entire trip. If I get a chance and if time permits, I'll do it again. Au Revoir! :-)


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