French Riviera - Part 12

After looking at the 'European Grand Canyon' (Verdon Du Gorges), we headed towards St. Tropez. After driving for more than hour, we reached this place called 'Chateau- Double', which was on the way to St. Tropez. It's also one of the typical, nice villages in Provence, France. Here are some pics from Chateau-Double:

Later, we set off to St. Tropez, since our next and final destination for the 'French Riviera' trip, was this place. We actually booked accomodation in a town/village called 'Cogolin', which is around 10 kms from St. Tropez. Almost all the hotels around St. Tropez are expensive, as it is said to be the best (or one of the best) place in 'French Riviera'. After leavin' Chateau-double, it took us more than an hour to reach 'Cogolin'. After reachin', we checked-in and slumbered the night away.

The next day, we spent some time looking around Cogolin (before going to St. Tropez). Its a pretty nice town/village, along the mediterranean coast (a bit interior) and a popular tourist destination, just because there are so many other places to see all along the 'French Riviera' coastline. Here are some pics from Cogolin:

Later, I went to 'LIDL' supermarket, to buy something to eat/drink. By the way, French folks eat 'Snails'. Here's a pic that I shot in the store:

Thats it for this part. Au Revoir! :-)

Fore more pics of Cogolin, check the slide-show below:

Fore more pics of Chateau-double, check the slide-show below:


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