French Riviera - Part 10

After Cannes, we used the motorway (for which we had to pay the toll) and drove for more than an hour and reached Draguignan, which is the capital for 'Var' department of Provence region in France. Here are some pics that I shot on the way to Draguignan:

It was already a bit late and so, I called up the hotel (since most of the things close at 9 PM) and told them to wait for us, for a couple of minutes more. Later, we reached Draguignan and checked-in our hotel (where we gonna stay for just 1 night). The surroundings of Draguignan were pretty calm and pleasant, which helped us relax in a good way. Since, we didnt eat much that day, we enquired if something is available at the hotel, but they said that everything's closed and suggested us to go to the neighbouring village, called Flayosc. We took our car and drove for a couple of minutes again and reached Flayosc. The guys at the hotel said that we are not supposed to drive inside the village, but park the car outside (in the parking lot) and walk into the village. We did the same, but couldnt find any hotel open. We walked around different narrow streets, which were totally deserted and finally, we found some hotel (run by some Arabic guy), which was not yet closed. We ordered something and sat around that place, for more than an hour. It was nice and cosy to stay around that place, as there was a nice, soothing breeze and also there weren't many people around. Here are some pics from Flayosc village:

Thats it, for this part of the 'French Riviera' trip. For more pics, check the slide-show below:


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