Scandinavia - Part 2

(Continued from Part - 1)

The 2nd day of my trip to Scandinavia (Denmark and Sweden), I planned on going to 'Malmo' (Sweden) and look around some places in Sweden and get back to Copenhagen, by the end of the day. I had a specific plan as I wanted to look at Malmo first and then Helsingborg. And from Helsingborg, cross over to Helsinor/Elsinore (Denmark) and get back to Denmark again.Helsinore/Elsinore is also called as Hamlet and is the place, where Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' play is based on. Here's my route-plan:

If you look at the map, you can make out that you have to cross over the sea to reach Malmo (Sweden) from Copenhagen (Denmark). Until 2000, people there had to use the ferry to cross from Denmark to Sweden. After that, a bridge (for which, the construction started in 1995) was ready to be used for the transport between Denmark and Sweden. This strait is called the 'Oresund Strait' and the Oresund bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden, is one of the longest bridges (Cable Stayed) in the world. One of the reasons for building the bridge is because the Oresund region is one of the important hubs for economic activity. Also, for improving the transport and tourism.

The Oresund bridge-tunnel connects the two metropolitan areas of the Oresund region - Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmo (Sweden), which is the 3rd biggest city in Sweden. This bridge-tunnel serves the railway line and also the European route E20. Also, there's a artificially built island in the Oresund region, called 'Peberholm'.

Here are some facts about Denmark and Sweden:

1) Danish is spoken is Denmark and Swedish/Sverige is spoken in Sweden. Both are different languages, but almost similar.

2) Although Denmark and Sweden are in EU (European Union), they have different currencies...Krona in Denmark and Sverige in Sweden.

That day, I woke up early, had breakfast, went to the central station and got a ticket to Malmo, Sweden. In a couple of minutes, I set off to Malmo and the train passed by the Copenhagen airport (which is the one of the main hubs in Scandinavia) and then as we approached the bridge, I could only briefly see the bridge (as the train travels parallel to the length of the bridge, before entering it). After entering the bridge, I could only see the sea from the 2 windows on both sides and a couple of pillars obstructing the view, partially.The train ride on the bridge was just for a couple of minutes (as it is around 8 kms long). Here's a video (which doesnt show much) that I shot:

The total journey from Copenhagen to Malmo, is just around 30 mts and so, I was there at Malmo, early enough to look at many other places. Malmo is the 3rd biggest city in Sweden, which for me looked like a town (You know what..Swedish cities are all small when compared to many other cities in Europe/World). Although Malmo aint that big, it has some good IT firms and other industries. The climate was sunny, bright and so good that day, that I was walking around without a jacket. Here are some pics from the first glimpse of Malmo:

The first landmark (or touristic thingy) that I saw in Malmo was the 'Turning Torso', which is a skyscraper and said to be the tallest residential-building in EU, designed by a Spanish architect. For me, it's just one more building. The only special thing is the design and architechture of the building, that made it a landmark (or touristic thing) of Malmo. This building has also won the skyscraper award for year 2005. Here are some pics:

After looking at 'Turning Torso', I walked towards downtown Malmo and passed through some shopping streets, Malmo's main cathedral, and a square called 'Gustav Adolf Square'. Here are some pics:

After looking around those places, I had a break at 'Gustav Adolf Square' for an hour and headed back to the train station, to go to Helsingborg (Sweden). Later, I took the train to Helsingborg from Malmo, sat in some corner seat and put my camera on the table, in front of me. Later 2 Swedish ladies sat opposite me, in the train (who seemed to be active and laughing around, playing jokes). As I was tired enough from walking around in Malmo, I took a siesta/nap. At some point later, I moved my hand and suddenly the camera fell down from the table. I was wondering why it happened, because I put the camera in some position and now it is in a different position (since it fell down). I checked the pics and found that there's a pic, which I havent taken. Those Swedish ladies sitting in front of me, were embarrassed a bit when I started to check the pics and then, they started laughing. I gotta know that its their prank on me..haha. They said that they just wanted to take a pic of me and leave it there, without me noticing what happened and so, it would be a surprise to me, when I check it later. Here are some of their pics (with permission - not taking it for granted):

I then smiled and had a nice conversation with them. In this process, I missed to get down at Helsingborg, since I was talking and when I realised, I was late enough to open the door. They then told me to get off the next station and use the bus from there to Helsingborg. I thought that would be a good idea too, since I will have the oppurtunity to explore a bit of Swedish country-side. I got off the next station and used the bus to get to Helsingborg. On the way to Helsingborg, I got to see some serene and beau parts (although little) of Swedish country-side, passing through a couple of villages. Here are some pics:

After that, I reached Helsingborg and walked around the main parts of the city. Helsingborg is the fourth largest metropolitan area in Sweden and is the closest point to Denmark, with the Danish city Elsinore/Helsinore clearly visible on the other side of the strait of Oresund. Here are some pics from the first glimpse of Helsingborg:

After that, I headed towards the Karnan fortress, which along with the Kronborg fortress (on the other side of Oresund strait, in Elsinore, Denmark) used to control the entrance-way to the Baltic Sea. Here are some pics of that fortress and the view of Helsingborg, from that point:

And here's a video that I shot from that point:

Later, I headed to the main train station, where they also had a ferry line operated by Scandlines, to go to Helsinore/Elsinore (Denmark). I got a ticket to Helsinore/Elsinore and started cruising on the ferry. Helsinore/Elsinore has a fortress called Kronborg and this is where, Shakespeare's Hamlet play is based on. This place is indeed called as 'Hamlet' around there and here's a pic to prove it:

Helsinore is clearly visible from Helsingborg and vice-versa. As we set off from Helsingborg, I could actually see the Kronborg castle from the ferry, as we were approaching that place. The view of the castle was a bit dim, but it got brighter as the ferry approached Elsinore. Here's a video that I shot, just after setting off from Helsingborg:

And here are some pics:

And here's a pic, which shows that Helsingborg (Sweden) is clearly visible from Helsinore (Denmark):

And here's one more video that I shot as we approached Helsinore/Elsinore:

After reaching Helsinore, I walked towards the Kronborg castle, just to have a brief look at it. I knew that I cant see the inside of the castle, as it was late enough when I reached Helsinore. Here are some pics that I shot when I walked towards the Kronborg castle:

After reaching the castle, I just walked all around that place and sat near the beach, for sometime. Here are some more pics:

Later, I went back to the station, bought a ticket to Copenhagen and reached Copenhagen in about an hour, from Helsinore. After reaching Copenhagen, I fed my tummy in some good restaurant, headed back to the room and called it a day!! :-)

Thats it for this trip. Maybe I'll do it again, sometime in the future (if time permits) and explore more of Swedish and Norwegian landscape.

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