Road Trip - Part 5 (The Fairy Tale Castle - Neuschwanstein, Germany)

(Continued from part 4...)

After leaving Am Plansee (Austria), we reached Reutte (Austria), which was just a couple of kms from Am Plansee. We didnt really had to go inside Reutte, so we just passed by and joined into the Austrian motorway. After driving through a long tunnel and splendid scenery, we reached Fussen, which is the nearest town to Neuschwanstein.

Here's a video that I shot before entering and as we drove through that tunnel (This video is kind of boring, but I'm sorry as I'm posting it anyways):

And Here's a pic of Fussen, which I took when we drove through:

Once we drove through Fussen and were nearing the base of Alps mountains (again), we could see the 2 castles (hochen-schwangau and Neuschwanstein). I was very much looking forward to visit the fairy tale castle, since a long time and so, when we approached, I was enough excited. Below are some pics of those 2 castles:

The one below is the Neuschwanstein castle, which is called 'The Fairy Tale' castle and is famous all over: (By the way, Neuschwanstein is the most famous of all the castles that were built by King Ludwig II)

And below is the pic of Hochen-Schwangau castle:

These pics might not be the greatest pics, but it just gives a view/imagination of that place for you folks. It was indeed not in full glory at this part of the year, since it was cold, all the trees cast off their leaves and that bit of greenery was missin'. Also, some of the mountain paths were closed because it was winter time.

We then parked our car in the available parking lot, where the ground was frozen enough to skid. After that, we headed towards the ticket counter to get some tickets to enter into the castle. Unfortunately, the counter was closed as in winter time, they close it around 4 PM in the eve. I thought its our bad luck, but we atleast thought of walking around and have a glimpse of that castle. It is indeed the view of the castle from different angles, which makes the difference anyways and thats what its famous for. Generally, the castle is in full flory in spring/summer time, when its totally green or in winter time, when its full of snow. It was winter,when we were there, but not much snow at that particular time, although it was enough cold. If you wanna know/see more of Neuschwanstein, just do a search and you will get to see splendid pics of that castle.

After that, we had to climb up a couple of kms, to reach that castle. We had a option of using the main road or the short rugged path. The main road is a bit longer and that short path is closed in winter time for regular use. We decided to use the short path, cause we didnt have much time left out and its gonna get dark in short time. As we walked by, we noticed that most of the path was frozen and was slippery. Below is a pic of that path:

We somehow managed to do that, walking/hiking along the edges and joined the main road. This is when we could get a glimpse of the castle from nearby distance, obstructed by trees in between. Here's a pic for ya folks:

And here's one more pic, after walkin' a bit:

We then walked into a small park, from where you could have a glorious frontal view of the castle. Here's a pic, that I shot from that location:

Also, from this park you can have a panoramic view of the plain landscape filled up small lakes, on the other side. Here's a pic of that:

We then walked towards the entrance and have a look at the castle, from close by. Here I go, with some more pics:

Ok, so..we were done with that place...hmmm..! Indeed, there's much to do around, if you are into climbing/hiking or exploring different paths on its neighbouring mountains and having a view of the castle (from where you can get a glorious, splendid, full-in-glory views) from different angles. Also, there's a small bridge connecting this place to its neighbouring mountain, from where it is said to look great and from where, most of the postcard pics of this castle were taken (which can be found on the internet, if you search for that). Unfortunately, that was closed too 'cause its winter. Well, anyways we were tired enough and just headed back downhill.
After reaching the base of the mountain, I shot one of those great pics of the castle, accompanied by a full moon. Here's that:

Thats it and we hopped into the car and headed back home. I just said to myself 'Goodbye Neuschwanstein! C ya sometime later (since I didnt cover everythin')'. :-)

Below is a pic that I shot when we were a bit far-off from the castle (and the Alps):

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