Road Trip - Part 3 (Linderhof - King Ludwig II's Castle)

(Continued from part 2...)

After we left Ettal, we headed towards Linderhof. I was very much looking forward for this as my German friends always talked about this path being one of those beau paths. This is indeed special because you gotta drive between the snow-capped Alps mountains, on a small road in the middle of nowhere covered with full of scenery (be it summer or winter) and not much traffic (especially in winter). Here's some pix that I took on our way to Linderhof:

After travelling for around 15/20 kms, we reached Linderhof. Linderhof is not a residential place at all. Its just the Castle and the park (Schloss-park) located in a kool location between the mountains. It is one of the castles created by King Ludwig II besides the world famous fairy tale castle at Neuschwanstein and some other. He indeed has a royal taste, but by the way he spent money on building those marvellous castles and spending much time there instead of administering Bavaria, he was branded by some people under him as 'Mad King' . Finally he lost his crown and after a while (when he was under house-arrest and supervision), he was found dead in 'Starnberger-See' (Lake Starnberg) in suspicious circumstances.

After arriving at Linderhof, we parked our car and bought entry tickets for the castle and its park. Here are some pics as we walked by to the entrance:

At winter time, the castle is bit hard to maintain as it is located away from main inhabited areas. When we went there, it wasnt in full glory, but was still beautiful in its own way.Also, some parts of the park were closed due to maintenance and sometimes, it runs the risk of avalanche (so, sometimes the road might be closed too). Its indeed very good looking in summer, where in you can see it in full glory with all the greenery, fountains, and sundry other things.

After walking some distance, we could finally see the castle. This is indeed a small castle in which King Ludwig spent his last years in seclusion. Seclusion and serenity were the reasons why King Ludwig selected this location. Here's some pix of the castle:

Also, check the 'summer' and 'winter' pics at Wikipedia site for 'Linderhof'. They are awesome.

Linderhof castle was built in the style of the second rococo period, as the French Sin-King Louis XIV was an idol for King Ludwig. Its not as big as the palace at Versailles (Paris, France), but was built in the style of that and you could see the symbol of sun in some of his castles. Photography was prohibited inside the castle, but I inadvertently took a picture (and was later reminded).. and here it is:

That was the only pic that I took inside the castle. But from what I saw, I can say that its a very grand castle. Special things to look at are King Ludwig's personal space in the first floor like Music room, personal room, bed room (big and grand), etc things. He used several things from different countries in Europe and Asia to decorate the castle.

After that, we walked around the castle for a couple of minutes and headed back to the parking lot to get going to Neuschwanstein crossing the German border and passing through Austria. I'll post the next part of my road trip in an other blog article. Please check for that. For more pics, please check the slide-show below:

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