Road Trip - Part 2 (Ettal, Germany)

(...Continued from Part I)

After leaving Garmisch, we headed towards Linderhof passing a couple of villages and looking for a good place to stay overnight. After travelling a bit on the hilly terrain, we reached a small place called Ettal. We found that place a bit different, isolated, peaceful and tucked away somewhere between the Alps mountains. So, we decided to stay overnight at this place. After checking a couple of hotels, we decided to stay in this hotel, which sat on the edge of a mountain and had pretty calm surroundings. Below are some of the pics that I took of the hotel surroundings (the next day morning):

After checking in the hotel, we freshened up a bit, went to the attached restaurant and had some typical south Bavarian food items and drinks. When we were having our dinner, we were discussing something about the place (Ettal) and I found out that this place held much prominence, a couple of centuries back and boasts of a famous monastery. In German(Deutsch), its called 'Kloster'. After that, we just went into our respective rooms (thinking about the next day) and slumbered the night away.

When I woke up the next day morning, I could see the magnificient view of that place from the glass window of my hotel room.Here's some pix that I took:

Also because of the fact that this hotel sits on the edge of a mountain and is at some elevation, this hotel overlooks the Ettal town/village and its surroundings. Because of that, I could get some glorious views of that place and its milieu. Here's a pic:

It was still a bit cold that early morning. After I took a shower, I just went out and walked around the hotel for a couple of minutes. Here's a pic that shows how cold it was that morning:

After that, I just went back and had breakfast along with others. After that, we just headed towards the monastery which is located just a couple of metres from the hotel. Fortunately, the weather was getting better as the sun started peeking through the cloud cover. We then walked around the famous Ettal monsatery just have a feel of that place. Here are some pics that I shot:

..and here's some interesting pic for smokers (Made out of snow) ..haha:

After walking around the monastery, we went inside that. In Germany, a monastery generally includes the cathedral, a school, brewery and sundry other things. I just had this doubt about why a brewery is attached to a place which is considered holy, for which my friends (as far as their knowledge goes) said that the folks at monastery have to do everything to lead a life by themselves. I dont know how true is that! :) We walked through the main entrance and got a first glimpse of one of the famous monasteries in Germany/Europe/Alpine region. It can also be said as a 'place of piligrimage' and also runs a famous school. Here's a pic:

After that, we went inside the cathedral, which has a lot of history behind its architechture and other things. This was initial built in Gothic style in 14th century and later renovated into Baroque style in 18th century. Once we went inside, I could feel the grandeur of that place embellished with great paintings, chandelier, and the classy rich look. Here are some pics:

After spending good amount of time there, we were done with 'Ettal' and planned to head towards Linderhof.

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