My Trip To Greece - Part 3

The next day of my trip to Greece, we decided to go to Lavrio/Laurium - Greece, to just relax in a cool villa, near to the beach and to (possibly) look at the 'Temple Of Poseidon' at Sounion (which is near to Lavrio). Lavrio is around 54 kms from Athens. There was a Mercedes taxi ready for me in front of the hotel (at 9 AM), since I had some smalltime work there. After we set off from Athens, it took us a bit more than an hour to get to Lavrio (as Athens is big and also the traffic isn't very organised). Here's a video that I shot when we went to Lavrio, on the Greek motorway (maybe a bit boring):

After that, we reached Lavrio and got dropped off the taxi. Later, we walked around that small town of Lavrio and looked around a bit. This place is nothing special, but its relaxing, not-so-touristic and off from the hustle and bustle of Athens. Lavrio/Laurium also has a sea port, which is small and not as bigtime as the Piraeus port in Athens. Also, some of the areas around Lavrio are said to be expensive and some of the rich Athenians use the villas around this place to get away from Athens and spend some quality time. One more important thing is that the 'Temple Of Poseidon' is close to Lavrio, in a place called 'Sounion'. Here are some pics from Lavrio:

It was pretty hot that day. So, we didn't try to walk more, but stopped by a restaurant and had our lunch. Later, we went to the villa and checked in. This villa was on a hilly part, around Lavrio and close to the beach. It looked like a tropical paradise and had pretty serene and peaceful suroundings. So, it looked like a ideal getaway to relax and do nothing, in particular. Here are some pics of the villa and its surroundings:

After relaxing for a couple of hours, we headed towards that small beach through that hilly part. There were a couple of walking trails to the beach. So, we took some random path to get to that small beach. Here are some pics that I shot on the way to that small beach:

We reached that beach in a couple of minutes and looked around for some good point to hang around that place. This beach being so close to the hilly landscape is not a sandy beach, but the water was pretty clear and the surroundings were not much disturbed. Here are some pics from that beach and its surroundings:

From this point, you can also view the 'Temple Of Poseidon', which is around a couple of kilometres from that place. The 'Temple Of Poseidon' was constructed in 440 BC, over the ruins of a temple, dating from Archaic period. This site is also a popular day trip for people from Athens.Also, viewing the sunset over the 'Aegean sea' from the ruins of this temple, is said to be something special. Here's a pic of 'Temple Of Poseidon' that I shot from that beach (It aint that clear, but posting it anyways):

After that, we sat by the beach and just relaxed. I also spoke to a guy from Athens, who was around that place, getting his Scuba apparatus ready to dive into the water. Later, we had a dip in the 'Aegean Sea' and headed back to the villa and relaxed for the rest of the day. The next day, I got my work done and later (in the noon), headed back home.

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