Road Trip - Part I (Garmisch Partenkirchen, Zugspitze - Top Of Germany)

Who wouldnt like to do a roadtrip to some totally new places, driving between snow-capped mountains, stopping by frozen lakes, staying overnight in a cosy place tucked away in the middle of nowhere?!?! ;-) This is what I thought and planned a road trip to the Southern Bavarian Alps, with some German friends. We didnt really have a exact travel plan and itinerary, but just thought of heading towards south, into the Alps.

We started off on Saturday morning and headed towards south, taking the Autobahn (Motorway) route (Berlin To Munich) from Nuremberg. Fortunately,there wasnt much traffic and so we could reach Munich in just 1&1/2 hr.(Sometimes, due to a minor accident or holiday time, there could be heavy traffic and could jam up tens or hundreds of kms - By the way, France holds the record for the longest traffic jam(around 170 kms)). We had a short stop at Munich and headed towards Garmisch-Partenkirchen. You could actually see the Alps, once you get out of Munich and head towards Garmisch (or any southern direction). We reached Garmisch in an hour from Munich, checked in a hotel and relaxed a bit. Below is a pic that I took from my hotel room:

After relaxing a bit, we walked towards the berg-bahn(Mountain railway) station. There, we took the train ticket to Zugspitze, which is the highest peak in Germany and is commercialised as 'Top Of Germany'.Here are some pics of Garmisch, that I took when walking towards the train station:

And below is the pic that I took at the train station:

The train started in a couple of minutes and I took the window seat (lol), to have a good view of the Bavarian Alps and Germany's famous skiing area. Below are some pics that I took, after we travelled a couple of kms:

After travelling a couple of kms, we were at some altitude and could have a good view of the surroundings. At this point, something caught my attention and it was so eye-catching. This was the view of 'Erbsee' (Lake Erb) from some height. Because of it's special location and peculiar shape, it looked like a postcard picture from the top. Below is the bird's eye view of that lake:

After travelling a bit, we reached the end point for this mountain railway (but not the peak). This is the place where all the skier's end up because its one of those major ski points in Germany. Below are some pics that I took there:

From this point, we had to take the cable car to reach the peak point (Zugspitze). We waited for a couple of minutes for the cable car to arrive and once it arrived, we all got inside to head towards the peak. Here are some pics that I took from inside the cable car, when we were heading towards the peak:

After the cable car reached the end point (the highest point in Germany), we were all in a position to see the splendiferous view of the (German/Bavarian) Alps. Also, fortunately, with the clouds going away and helping the sun to come outta closet, the weather was so good and bright (although it was pretty cold in the shades). Here are some pics of the view of Alps that we had:

In this pic, somewhere in between the Alps mountains, is a border line for Germany and Austria. The Austrian (Oesterreich) part is called 'Tirol'.

Around this peak point, there's this building which can accomodate good number of people. This building also has some good restaurants, where you have sit around, have a good view of the Alps, wine and dine or host a party. Also, there's a cable car connection from this point to the Austrian border. The Austrian border part is called 'Tirol' and this is where, the famous 'Innsbruck' is located, which is around 40 kms from Garmisch. A couple of Hollywood and Bollywood movies were shot at Innsbruck. Here are some pics from the 'Top Of Germany':

And here's the picture of the peak (Zugspitze):

Here's one more pic. I guess it is the 'Coat Of Arms' (or something like that) which represents the 'Zugspitze' mountain railway (Bergbahn):

Finally, after spending good amount of time at the 'Top Of Germany', we sat in a restaurant, fed our tummies, relaxed a bit and headed back to Garmisch, as the sun was biddin' goodgye for that day and it was getting cold. While going back, we stopped by at 'Erbsee' (Lake Erb) station and walked around a bit. The lake was still totally frozen although it was a bit sunny that day.We then walked on and around that lake(although it was a bit slippery at the edges of the lake). Here are some pics:

After this, we just headed back to Garmisch and thought of staying at some other cosy little place, tucked away in the mountains. We were not sure where, but we decided to drive around a bit, check out some places and stay where we like. I'll cover the next part of this road trip in a separate blog article, since it would be messy and cumbersome to post everything in this article and bore you to death. :-) Please check my archives for the next part.

And for more pics, please check the slide-show below:

Click the following link for next part of the road trip: Next Part

See ya in next part. Merci. Auf Wiedersehen! :-)


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