Zurich, Switzerland

Well, I'd an exciting last week as I'd a vacation in Greece for a couple of days. On the way to Greece, I'd a stop-over at Zurich, Switzerland for a couple of hours and I did some main parts of Zurich, in the time that I had. I flew with SWISS Air, which has merged into the German Lufthansa group (and is now part of Star Alliance) and it took me an hour from Nuremberg to Zurich. Here are some glorious views of Alps that I captured from the plane, when the flight was landing at Zurich airport:

Once I reached Zurich, I took the Metro from the Zurich Airport (which is located outside the city) to the main train station (Haupt-Bahnhof). I then, walked towards the Bahnhof-strasse (Train-station-street) as I knew (from the research done on the internet) that its one of those main streets with big shops and also the main cathedral and the Zurich lake (Zurichsee) are close to the station.

Zurich is rated No.1 among the cities with best quality of life. It aint as big as Munich, but its location, quality of life, the surrounding nature and the Alps make it a great city. Indeed, I guess Nuremberg is as big as Zurich.

The 'Bahnhofstrasse' is one of the main streets in Zurich and offers a lot of shopping, restaurants, etc things. Here are some pics:

When I was walking along this street, I noticed some some small streets or alleys perpendicular to this street, along the sides. I decided to venture into those small streets as it looked interesting with good-looking old houses. Here are some pics of those alleys and old houses:

After walking a bit more, I lost my sense of direction just because these alleys are confusing (and obviously that I'm new to that place), but I knew that the Zurich lake (Zurichsee) was on the other side and just headed towards that. After walking a bit more, I reached the point from where I could see the Limmat river and the Zurich lake. Here's a pic from that point:

Also, at this point, there are 2 big churches/cathedrals facing each other and which serve as major landmarks for Zurich. They are also some of the most important churches or sacred destinations for christians in Europe. GrossMuenster and FrauMuenster are the names of those cathedrals, respectively. Here are some pics of those cathedrals/churches:

After looking around and inside the cathedral, I headed towards the Zurich lake (Zurichsee) and hung around that place for a while, as the sun was bright and it felt very pleasant. Here are some pics from around the Zurichsee (Zurich lake):

After that, I was tried enough of walking and thought of taking the tram to some location and explore more of Zurich. So, I looked at the map and walked towards the nearest station from where I can get on the tram. Here are some more pics that I shot when I walked towards the tram station:

I, then took the tram and went to some other part of Zurich. I dont know whats that area called as, but I remember that was somewhere, where they had advertising boards of Lindt chocolate. Its one of the those world famous Swiss chocolate brands. Here's a pic from that part of Zurich:

After roaming around like a vagrant, I had to go back to the airport to catch the connecting flight to Athens. So, i went to the nearby train station and took the train to the airport. Here's a pic from one of those train stations at Zurich:

And here's a pic that I shot, when I was on the train to airport:

I reached the airport in a couple of minutes and had some more time to check-in. So, I just did some window-shopping and walked around a bit. There were some Formula 1 cars for display (close to the lounge) and many restaurants and other shops. Here are some pics from the airport: (By the way, Zurich's airport is the largest international flight getaway in Switzerland.)

The above pic says it all (I mean that the flight's waitin' for me..haha). Ok folks..Now I'm off to Athens, Greece! ;-) Check for update on Athens (Greece) trip. Auf Wiedersehen. Adios! :-)

For more pics, check the slideshow below:

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  1. Hi Prashanth,

    Awesome pics and very informative blog. I am planning a 3 weeks trip to Switzerland and Italy starting from Zurich. Right now we are planning to drive around Swiss, visit all the places you suggested and then enter into Italy via lake combo visit. Any thoughts on it?


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