Switzerland - Part 3

The next day (after the trip to Jungfrau mountain), I planned on going to Lucerne, which aint so far from Interlaken. I woke up late that day, relaxed a bit in the balcony of my room (which is right in front of Lake Brienz - Brienzersee, with a huge snow-capped mountain in the background),freshened up and went to Interlaken-West train station. I then took a Golden-Pass train ticket and set off to Lucerne. This path taken by the train is said to be one of the best scenic routes, which is not to be missed. Also, it wasnt that crowded as it was winter and pretty cold enough to stack/cover up with multiple jackets on your body.

After the train moved a bit, I could see glorious and panoramic views of mountainous landscape from the wide glass window of the train. Some points were totally or partly covered with snow. Here's a video that I shot:

And here are some pics:

I feel like posting many pics, but let me add some info in between. All the way through the trip, it was a feast for the eyes as it was filled up with great scenery. After travelling a couple of kilometres, I could see some cute, little villages from some altitude, as the train was travelling along the edge of a mountain. Here are some more pics (Look at some of the pics, which look like postcard pics) :

After that, we passed a couple of stations like 'Lungern','Brunig','Glaswil', et al. Hergiswil/Glaswil (or Lucerne/Luzern) is where, you can take a cable-car or a mountain-train (Berg-bahn) to Mount Pilatus or Rigi, which has some view-points and restaurants at its peak point. Here are some more pics that I took on this part of the trip:

After that, we reached Lucerne. Lucerne is the English name for its German equivalent of 'Luzern'. In Italian, its called 'Lucerna'. Lucerne is considered more of a tourist destination in Switzerland although its involved in some financial stuff and boasts of some swiss banks and the famous watch-making companies. Its located somewhere between Zurich and Interlaken (Central Switzerland) on the shores of lake 'Vierwaldst├Ąttersee'. Here's a pic that I took after reaching Lucerne train station:

After that, I walked around the streets around the station as I knew (from a bit of research done on the internet) that some of the main sight-seeing points are around that place. There were a couple of famous companies located around the train station (Bahn-hof) like Rolex, Credit-Suisse Swiss bank and the cathedrals that you normally see in most of the European cities. Here are some pics:

Also, I walked on one of the city's famous landmarks - Chapel Bridge (Kapellbr├╝cke), a wooden bridge first built in the 14th Century. After that, I walked back towards the station again, from where (in front of the station) there's a counter to buy tickets for a boat ride on 'Vierwaldst├Ąttersee' to have a ride on the boat. It was getting dark early at 4 pm cause it was winter and so, I bought a ticket and set off for a ride on the boat. Here are some pics:

I couldnt take many pics of Lucerne from this moment, as the battery of my camera was down and I couldnt find a kiosk to buy new batteries. The trip wasnt that great as after some time, there was no day-light and I couldnt see much, but city-lights along the shores of the lake. It was a 2 hour ride and some locals use it as public transport to get to some localities of Lucerne. There was a audio-guide which said about some famous people who stayed at some parts of city, either permanently or just for the summer vacation. One famous name that caught my attention was Mark Twain.

After the ride, I walked around a bit more and looked at downtown Lucerne and some other parts. Also, fed my tummy in some restaurant and then headed back to the Interlaken. That was it, as Lucernce was a short trip because of the time-constraint. The next day, I headed back home as my vacation was over. On the other side, Switzerland aint that far from where I stay. So, I can do it whenever I want (by planning my days off from work).

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