Road Trip - Part 4 (Am Plansee - Austria)

(Continued from part 3...)

After leaving Linderhof, We headed towards our final destination for the trip (Fairy Tale Castle - Neuschwanstein). There are a couple of routes that you can use to reach Neuschwanstein from Linderhof, but we wanted to use the best and the shortest route. My friends knew that we had to cross the German border and pass through Austria for a couple of kms. But we were wondering if we had to pay toll, because Austria (Oesterreich) and Switzerland (Schweiz) collect toll if anyone uses their motorways. If you plan to use their motorway (Autobahn), you are supposed to buy a 'Vignette' sticker for the duration required, stick that on your vehicle and use their motorway (For Switzerland, you gotta buy the Vignette for one year - You cant select a shorter duration). We spoke to some police guy, after we just left Linderhof and he said that we dont need to pay toll for that short route across the border. So, we decided to use that route although this route is sometimes closed because of landslides/avalanches. This route is more unused and isolated than the one from Ettal to Linderhof (specially in the winter).

As we drove along, we were awed by some of the scenic landscapes that we saw. The sun was out playing, but it was still very cold in the shade. Here's a video that I shot on that route:

And here are some pics:

After driving a bit, we crossed the German border and reached this place called 'Am Plansee' (Lake Plansee), near Reutte, Austria and We stopped by, at that place for a small break. Its not really a village/town, but just a lake, a couple of houses and a hotel around. This lake (Plansee) was totally frozen and you could just think of that as ground covered with snow (specially, if you are new to living in cold places). A couple of people were walking around and some were skating on that lake. I walked around a bit and spoke to some locals in my broken (not so good, yet) Deutsch/German, just to figure out how different is Austrian dialect from native German. I heard from a couple of colleagues and friends that sometimes they also find it difficult to comprehend their dialect. The same case with Switzerland. Here are some pics that I took when I walked around on the lake:

And me, on the frozen lake (Am Plansee):

After spending some time there, we just got into the car and headed towards Neuschwanstein. Thats it for now! I'll post the next and final part of my road trip in the next blog article. Aloha! :-)

For more pics, check the slide-show below:

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