Dachau Concentration Camp

This post deals with a sensitive and provoking topic. So, I'm typing the 'Disclaimer' first and then the actual content.
1) The information in this post is based on my visit to the 'Dachau Concentration Camp' and hence it reflects my personal views. And I've no intention to hurt (or deal with) anyone's sentiments or feelings. Also, I'm not trying to deal with any 'Politically Incorrect' stuff. I'm all for egalitarianism, be it based on color, creed, religion, et al things.

2) Its no way related to Germans or Jews. I have nothing against anyone. Indeed, I have good number of German friends and I know some good Jews too. Its indeed hard for innocent Germans (who weren't aware of the insider dealings or the younger generation who are constantly fed up of studying/knowing something about this and the guilt associated with that) to swallow this truth and also for the good Jews out there.
Last weekend, I had to go to Munich as one of my friend's was throwing a party for her upcoming birthday. Since I was going to Munich anyways, I thought I could go and have a look at the notorious 'Dachau Concentration Camp'.

A concentration camp is a penal camp where political prisoners or prisoners of war are confined (usually under harsh conditions). 'Dachau Concentration Camp' was the first camp opened in Germany by the Nazi's, in 1933. Dachau then served as a model for other concentration camps. Infact, the biggest camp was later built in Auschwitz, which was in the German-occupied southern Poland (and now, just Poland). As per my knowledge and research done on this subject, this camp was claimed (or announced to the general public) to be just for political prisoners or prisoners of war and that they will be treated like normal prisoners. But it wasn't true, as the prisoners were treated like slaves with no basic amenities. And whats worse is the fact that many of the prisoners were left to starve, killed in one of those gas chambers or any other way.

A lot of people from other countries (who weren't much influenced by the World War II or any other events like that - specially from other continents excluding Europe) dont know the impact of these sensitive topics, which include World War II, concentration camps, et al things. Indeed, I was one among them. That doesnt mean I didnt pay good attention in the 'History Classes' in school. Its just not so effective when you dont really see, feel or experience that. Since I had been here for a while already, I know how sensitive and provoking, this topic could be. Indeed, you can still see the influence of those historical events among people here (I mean specially in Germany) and other countries who were part of the war or in any way related to these things. I mean it..! So far, with what I said, I aint blaming any country in particular. Ofcourse, there's good and bad everywhere. I also wonder how can one person (Hitler - who was said to be shy when he was a kid) move the feelings (in a subtle way - healthy or not, depends on each and everyone's opinion) of millions of people and can, kind of hypnotise them in getting to the ranks of a country-head with dictatorial rights and do all those cruel deeds. He's an interesting subject for a case-study (I mean, for the people to learn from mistakes , for the governments to be accountable to whatever they do, for human rights, for pyschological analysis of a personality, et al things).

Here are some pics from the entrance of the camp:

The above picture shows the entrance gate of that concentration camp. There's a German phrase stamped on that gate, which says "Arbeit Macht Frei", which means "Work Makes You Free". That might be a crappy translation that I did, but as a general statement, its true, but since it was used by the Nazi's, its not a good thing to use (Its probably banned). Also, before coming to Germany, Swastika was a familiar and holy symbol for me (coming from India). After coming here, I got to know how serious it could be if I talked about that or drew something in that shape. Indeed, I knew that it was used by the Nazi's, but I didnt knew the seriousness of that issue.

Here are some more pics from that camp:

1) The Camp Courtyard:

2) Memorial:

3) Prisoner Bunks:

4) And here's a picture of a picture, that shows how those prisoners lived in those bunks:

5) Prisoner's Bathroom/Sinks:

6) Prisoner's Bathroom/Lavatory:

Below is a picture of the 'Gas Chamber' that was disguised as a 'Shower Room'. This room was used by the SS Generals in executing the prisoners, in groups (by telling them to go to that room, for a quick shower):

Below is a pic of a big oven that was used to burn the dead bodies of prisoners who were killed by hanging or using the gas chamber:

And here's a picture of one of the "Watch Tower's" for that camp. This, kind of reminds the world war movies, in which the security guys used to watch the prisoner's of war. There are many movies related to these events or places. Some of them that I can recollect, at the moment, are "The Great Escape", "Schindler's List", et al.

Here's a pic of the hallway in the bunker:

And below are miscellaneous pics from that concentration camp:

Its indeed very moving to look at those pics of starving/dying prisoners (and there were millions of 'em) and the harsh conditions at that camp. Peace! :)

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