Christmas Market At Spalt, Germany

Christmas..Well, the word Christmas brings a smile on almost everyone's it a theist or an atheist, be it for a christian or a non-christian..just because it brings you that quality family life, festive mood, vacation, et al things. And hey, not to forget the christmas presents. ;-)

I've always enjoyed Christmas since I was a kid, just because it was a public holiday..hehe..But this time around, I really felt the festive mood because I'm far-off from home, in a different country and where they celebrate Christmas in a grand way. Europe, with lots of history behind it, celebrates Christmas in a grand way. The place where I reside at the moment (Nuremberg) is one of the most famous places which boasts of a Grandiose Christmas market and other celebrations. Its known all over the Europe, for its huge, flashy and colorful christmas market, although some people (especially the locals around) dont prefer that as it gets real crowded sometimes. I aint much into this, but the festive mood and the thought of looking at something new, pushed me to go and look at that. I went there with some local friends of mine and thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere. It was cold and cosy.

This blog article is not about Christmas Market at Nuremberg, as I didnt spend much time there and also didnt capture good enough pics to post it here. But we later decided to go to a christmas market at a small town, called Abenberg and then Spalt. Its indeed, at these places where you can see the not-so-touristy and typical christmas markets. It aint that far from Nuremberg. So, we drove to that place on Friday eve and were at that place in short time. Here are some pics from Abenberg:

After staying around that place for a while, we headed towards Spalt. It was just a couple of kms from that place. So, we reached that place in a few minutes. As we parked our car and walked by, we could see the crowd and the main street of that small town totally decorated and colorful. It was cold enough, but cosy and beautiful with all the lamps, candles, et al things. Believe me, its so cosy at this time of the year (although since some years, there wasnt much snow for the christmas). Also, there were shops setup on the pavement, selling sundry things. Here are some pics from Spalt: