Around Nuremberg

The last weekend, I was sitting at home twiddling my thumbs, deciding what to do to kill time. I dont wanna just sit around at home working, just surfing the internet or just watching the telly as the weather was so good. So, I decided on biking around a bit. In Germany (specially in Bavaria/Bayern), there are separate bike paths everywhere.I mean in cities, towns, villages, in the woods, et al. Bavaria/Bayern has some of the most scenic cycling trails for bikers.

I put on my biking gear and headed towards Roth (a small town near nuremberg) along one of the many cycling trails in the nature, passing through a couple of villages. The weather was so good and it was such a pleasure to ride my bike. Also, its a good way to keep myself fit and in shape. ;-) Lots of people bike or jog around or hang around in cafe's or beer gardens (kind of open air restaurants) in summer time. In the winter, its pretty cold. So, most of the places are deserted (apart from downtown and main areas in the city). But the nature is beau in a different way.

As I biked, I passed by small but scenic lakes. After biking around a bit, I passed through this path, where I stopped by and took a pic. Here's the pic:

After biking around for a couple of kms, I finally stopped by at some place, in the middle of woods. I parked my bike, took out a book from my backpack and spent good amount of time in the sun in an open area, in the middle of nowhere(woods). While laying in the sun and reading the book, I could hear the woodpecker pecking the wood of some tree. It sounded so serene and peaceful. Here are some pics:

Finally, after spending good time there, I headed back home. That was very much worth it! :-) Auf Wiedersehen.Tschüss! :-)

PS: I know its very much common for local folks here, but as a n00b, it was pretty much new and a good experience to me! :-)

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