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Is there anyone (who knows something about the world) who hasnt heard the word 'Munich'?!?! Well, Munich is indeed a English name for 'Muenchen' (In German/Deutsch). Munich is famous for a multitude of reasons. For instance, King Ludwig, World war events, Hitler, Einstein, Oktoberfest, The murder of Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Olympic games in Munich, Dachau Concentration camp, BMW headquarters, Allianz Arena, The Nymphenburg palace, English Garden, et al things. The things that I listed are just a few famous/notorious ones that I know. So, you can expect the influence of that place and people in world's history. Munich is a city which kind of looks like a village, relaxed and cosmopolitan in nature. Also, Munich's location is one of its assets. It looks like it is the center of Europe (not in the real geographical sense - The real centre is indeed in Ukraine) and it has this grographical advantage that you can travel to Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, etc places in just a couple of hours. Also, the highest peak in Germany 'Zugspitze(Garmisch)', which is a major and the best skiing point for Germany, is close by. One more notable point is the name of the film 'Munich', directed by Steven Spielberg.

Munich is the capital city of Bavaria/Bayern, Germany. Bayern/Bavaria is the southern-most, most prosperous and the prettiest part(Bundesland) of Germany (Deutschland) - as people say and as far as my knowledge goes. Its also the most expensive part of Germany. Munich was indeed ranked No.1 in the list of 'Top 20 liveable cities in the world', by 'Monocle' website. I'm not much into these kind of statistics, as I believe that it depends from person to person and their priorities. By the way, I just quoted that to show the importance of Munich. As per the real survey done, for finding the city with the best quality and standards of life, Munich stands somewhere between 5 and 10. And Zurich was rated No 1. But, on the flip side, Zurich, ofcourse is a good city, but its pretty small compared to Munich and doesnt offer all the things that Munich offers. Indeed, I've heard it from numerous sources. Anyways, I'll cut the crap and start talking about my short visit to Munich. Here I go....

Munich aint so far from my place (Nuremberg - which is one more famous city in Bayern/Bavaria). Its around 170 something kms. Having the Autobahn (motorway) connection from Berlin to Munich (which passes through Nuremberg), we can get to Munich in approximately an hour and half (depends on the traffic too). One of my friends had a birthday on the last weekend and threw a small party.So, I combined that occasion, visited Munich, saw some things and sharing it here..! :-)

Some of my friends around Nuremberg were also joining and so, I kind of hitchhiked on their car and tagged along. Here are some pics that I took from/on the Autobahn (motorway) to Munich:

The above pic shows one of those Autobahn (motorway) routes of Germany. German Autobahns are known all over the world for their design and no-speed limits. Indeed, this 'No-speed-Limits' aint that true for the total length of the road, as there are places where the speed limits are applicable. If there's no sign of speed limit, you can drive as fast as possible, but the recommended speed limit is 130 km/hr. Everyone know about the German automobile industry. Most of the top cars are produced here. For example,Porsche (Headquarters at Stuttgart), BMW (Munich), Audi (Between Nuremberg and Munich), Volkswagen are some of the world famous cars that everyone knows and are designed and produced here. Indeed, you can see the best and different types of cars from all over the world on German Autobahns (like BMW, Porsche, Audi, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Renault, Citroen, Volkswagen, Lancia, Mini-Cooper, etc). And almost all vehicles are spick and span. A motor vehicle (specially car) is one of the most valuable things (or a status thingy) for a German and they maintain it in a good way (also because of the rules, I guess).

The Nuremberg(Nuernberg) to Munich road is a pretty one and here are some pics for you folks:

And here are some pics of cute, pretty villages (These villages look like they are tucked away in the middle of nowhere, but they are right near to the Autobahn):

As we drove along, we passed by Ingolstadt, which is the headquarters for 'Audi'. Infact, there's a Audi museum at this place, which is open for everyone to visit. After driving for around 20/30 mts, we reached the suburbs of Munich and something caught my attention. It looked like a huge dome kind of thing. I immediately recognised that to be the famous Allianz Arena, which is a giant soccer stadium. It is somehow showy and built in a good way. Also, the cover of the stadium (circumference) is designed and built in such a way that it can change colors (which looks awesome when its time for the moon to show up). Here are some pics of 'Allianz Arena':

And here's the frankfurter ring, from where the main part of the city starts:

And here are some more pics after driving a bit:

After that, we drove a couple of kms and reached one of those important and central parts of Munich, called 'Schwabing' and then Marienplatz. Here are some pics:

After that, we parked our car somewhere around the famous 'English Garden' and walked into that garden. This garden is a huge park, which looks beautiful in any part of the year. In summer, its kind of crowded with all the people just hanging around, sun-bathing, playing sports, etc things. There's also this typical Chinese tower in the middle of the park. Also, one of the important universities of Munich is right beside the park. Here are some pics:

After walking and lying in the park for good enough time, we came out of the garden and walked around Marienplatz and did some window shopping. Also, I went into a chapel/cathedral and shot some pics. Here are some pics from Marienplatz and the cathedral:

After this, we just headed for that birthday party. I still havent explored all of Munich but since it aint far off from Nuremberg, I would be visiting more often at some point later.

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