1) I've created this blog to share my travel stuff and all the content in this blog reflects my personal views or ideas. I've collected all this data from what I saw, felt, et al when I travelled to different places (also from doing some research on the internet and gathering data from different sources like Wikipedia, et al). I'm 100% sure that I do mistakes and I dont know everything. So, this blog might contain mistakes too, as there's nothing perfect and there's no Utopian place.

2) I'm posting all this stuff out of my personal interest and I've no inclination to make any sort of profit, out of this.

3) Someone said: "Thanks to the internet, stupid people all over the world can pedal their own shit while simultaneously imbibing the shit of millions of others leading to an exponential growth in shit, the full meaning of which we are still struggling to grasp. But it's bound to be shit".

The Internet contains all sort of information. Some sources are genuine and some are fake (or scribbled by morons without proper knowledge in that field). So folks..its upto to you to use your intuition, do some research and cross-check with different sources of information and judge for yourself, what is right and what is wrong.

4) I'm not trying to deal with any 'Politically Incorrect' stuff and I'm not trying to deal with (or hurt) anyone's sentiments.

5) Finally, if there's anything that sounds/looks wrong, please feel free to correct me and I'm all ears for that.

Happy Surfing! :-)